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Smartcity Santiago

Smartcity Santiago, as the name said “ Smartcity”, is where each detail was designed to increase the quality of life. This project is considered as an smart way to coordinate all kinds of technology in an integrated , functional and safety way. In this way each user will be incorporated in a city of the future and also will participate in exploration of urban development which will deliver a new way of life.


Nowadays, where urbanization grows exponentially, alternatives such as Smartcity will be a priority of local governments, business development , universities and in the other hand, the citizen participated as change agent in a bidirectional and horizontal information network , where the user experience is as important as urban development mega tendency and progress defined by governments, industries and investigators.



Smartcity Santiago is a project focused to avoid the impact of human movement in sub urban areas in Santiago. It is the first sustainable city in Chile.




The improvement of the smart grid or smart network is the main point to conceive a working urban center based on information technology. With the coordination of a digital network we introduce a technological platform . At the same time the user can take a fast decision , in real time and in direct contact with the supplier.


Smart city Santiago will be established in Ciudad Empresarial in Santiago de Chile. This area is suitable to settle on the Technology City Project, taking special care about environmental aspects, and it will be a pole to draw all kind of business in the most high level of clean energy, even managing the CO2 emissions in order to assure clean air.


In this new type of neighborhood work as human laboratories, where improvements are in daily proof.


Smarcity Santiago will improve the latest generation technology, as LED lighting, solar energy, electrical transportation and telemanagement. These improvements will be considered and applied in Smarcity Santiago and will be showed in an interactive showroom, where all guest can see this progress.